Lab News

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May 2018: The Haney Lab welcomes Co-op student Derrick Chong! Congratulations to Polina Beskrovnaya and Sarzana Hossain for receiving their B.S degrees! Polina will continue as a PhD student at UBC, and Sarzana will move to U of Toronto for a MSc.

April 2018: Congratulations to Frank Liu for receiving a CGS-M NSERC award.

January 2018: Congratulations to Yi Song for receiving an MSL Kickstarter award with Xin Li and Ryan Melnyk for receiving a Kickstarter award with David Ng

October 2017: The Haney Lab Welcomes Postdoctoral Fellow Yi Song!

August 2017: Congratulations to Postdoctoral Fellow Ryan Melnyk for receiving a Life Sciences Research Foundation postdoctoral Fellowship from the Simons Foundation!

May 2017: The Haney Lab welcomes UBC undergrad Sarzana Hossain. Congratulations to Zexian (Frank) Liu for finishing his B.S. degree in Microbiology with Honours!

January 2017: The Haney Lab welcomes PhD student Christina Wiesmann and AAS Intern Kristy Dockstader.

November 2016: Dr. Haney was awarded a Canada Research Chair in Plant Microbiome Interactions

September 2016: The Haney Lab welcomes Lab Manager Joël Richard, visiting PhD student Kishore Vishwanathan and postdoctoral fellow Ryan Melnyk

Sept 2016: Haney Lab at ASM Beneficial Microbes with posters by Polina Beskrovnaya, Frank Liu, and Christina Wiesmann.

May 2016: The Plant Microbiome and Dr. Haney featured in BioScience

May 2016: The Haney Lab welcomes UBC Microbiology undergrads Polina Beskrovnaya, Frank Liu, and Gloria Han.

March 2016: The Plant Microbiome and Dr. Haney featured on the cover of Microbe Magazine

February 2016: The Haney Lab starts at UBC